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Listed below are a number of locksmith related questions that you might encounter with locks and locksmiths topics

Our answers will enlighten you! Learn why bolts must be aligned properly in order to secure your home and why strikes should have more than two screws.

Have questions about lock rekey and similar services? Here you will find the best answers to FAQ.

Why must bolts be aligned?

The latch bolt must be aligned so that it will go straight into the strike plate and secure the door. According to Locksmith Highland if the bolt is not aligned, the door will not lock properly and your security will be compromised.

Why strike plates need more than two screws?

Screws secure the strike plate on the doorjamb. If they have only two screws, they won't provide the same security and the lock could be forced down by potential perpetrators. Four large screws (approximately 3 inches) will secure the door better.

Why must upper floor windows be kept locked, too?

Who said that burglars only break in from the ground floor doors and windows? Perpetrators come equipped and find ladders or use trees to climb and jump to your bedroom. Windows lock installation is necessary. Keep them locked and trim close by trees as well.

Should I install a rack bolt?

Yes, you should because it serves a number of functions. First of all it creates the final barrier to your valuables and works very well for exterior doors. Secondly it is known to be very strong and reliable, therefore satisfying important requirements for insurers.

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